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            I have Light room 3 and 5  Slider control to increase or decrease the Following

      Iris enhacment.\, Teeth Whittening, Burn, Lighten, Soften Skin are not there when using the brush

      One more question There used to be  a  colum of presets for Example  " Aged,  Purplre Glasses, Bleach Bypass, Creamtone etc. is there a way to get them all over to the left side they  seem to be only avaliable in the Library Mode on the right side

      Could someone please help me with these problems.



                                                                                                                                     Thank You


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have been using Lightroom CC for a couple of years now. But I seem to recall that all of the brush presets have been attached to the brush panel when it is active. I don't know of any way of moving them. It's been long time since I've used Lightroom 3. I don't remember some of the presets you have listed. Are they presets that you created?

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            robertz33312154 Level 1


               They were in the program but thank you anyway

            You wouldnt know anything about the other problem with the sliders

            it was my first question