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    Installed fonts not found; how to set default font in CC 2017

    Ramsey Bolton

      Background: I recently updated to InDesign 2017. Prior to updating, I had set my default font to ITC Stone Sans by selecting this font before creating a new project. Also prior to updating, my computer had been reformatted by our tech team, but evidently they kept some of my user settings. After updating, the tech team installed the ITC Stone Sans font, but it may be a different version than the one I had before.


      Issue: InDesign wants to use ITC Stone Sans, but it can't locate the font. Whenever I tell InDesign to use the Stone font, the font appears in brackets in the font list and the text appears in a pink box in my document window. If I click my Window button and type Fonts, I see that ITC Stone Sans is installed. Stone also works in other programs such as Word. When I open old documents, my fonts appear in pink boxes and I'm unable to update the fonts to the current Stone family.


      How can I get a fresh start with these fonts? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This typeface is part of our primary brand identity and this problem has halted my workflow.




      Update with image: Here is a screenshot of my InDesign document, the Stone family I've added to the InDesign Fonts folder, and the installed Fonts window. Sorry for the clutter! Here you can see that Stone is installed to my computer, added to the Indesign library, and shows up in the font list without brackets - BUT notice the OTF version at the bottom of the font list (outlined in red)