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    Recording Narration/Tabbing out/Fullscreen issue


      Hey guys, I've been having some trouble recording narration in Premiere Elements 15. Rather, it's not with the actual recording; it's because I have a hard time viewing my script while getting it to record. If I tab out to the window that it's in after starting the recording, it instantly stops recording and everything in the recording window gets grayed out, persisting even when I tab back in. If I try to make the Premiere window smaller so I can see past it, it instantly snaps back to taking up the whole screen. I can drag it around by the top bar but if I try to shrink it it snaps back into position. This occurs whether the window is maximized or not. I can record now by dragging the window around so part of it's offscreen, but this seems like a very stupid issue that should have a solution, so any help would be appreciated.