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    iOS build error in UI, Log shows succeeded, Manual Rebuild succeeds

      App ID is 2370897
      For iOS The UI shows a build error (Oh geez. Your build failed. Click the "Log" button above to view the compile log....) unless I click the 'Rebuild' button. If I click the 'Rebuild' button then it builds correctly.
      There is never a problem for Android. Only seeing this behavior with iOS build.
      I look at the log when the UI shows the error and the bottom of the log shows ** BUILD SUCCEEDED **
      I did some hunting and pecking in the logs and found this at stack overflow - http://stackoverflow.com/a/32080491
      but this isn't something I can test since the iOS build process is internal to phonegap.
      Is there a way to get builds to work reliably without having to always click the 'Rebuild' button?