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    DC - Dragging thumbnails randomly breaks

    JayWH Level 1

      Acrobat Pro DC 15.006.30244

      Windows 7 64-bit

      Scanned multi-page PDF files.

      User dragging thumbnails to their desktop to extract single pages.


      I have not been able to reproduce this yet, but....


      User reports that dragging and dropping thumbnails from Acrobat to their desktop will randomly stop working, in the middle of using it the functionality.

      At that point, if they double click on a PDF, Reader has become the default program to open PDF files (again, user-reported - I haven't seen this first-hand, so I'm not 100% sure that this is actually the case), and reassociating with Acrobat will solve the problem, until randomly it happens again.


      Other possibly relevant info:

      Reader 11.0.18, custom install with updates disabled, as we manage it through Config Manager

      ColumbiaSoft Document Locator 6.4


      Anyone seen anything like this before, or have some idea where to start looking?  Still waiting for feedback as to whether this particular user actually needs Reader for some specific reason, or if we can just eliminate it so they have only Acrobat.