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    Better search filter

    brockdman883 Level 1

      Is there a way to improve my search to eliminate what I consider "misrepresented garbage?" I need several high-quality images to use for book covers, blog images, social media, and most importantly book trailers. For example: I select illustrations in my filter with the key word "sorcerer" and get thousands of images, at least half of which are cartoon crap dealing with witches and Halloween and other stuff that does not fit my criteria. Adobe and other stock image sites really need to tighten the rules on their keyword usage. Cartoon witch and Halloween pumpkins and ghosts are a far cry from sorcerers and wizards. Am I missing something in the search filters that would help me refine my searches? Thanks!

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          KanikaS Adobe Employee

          HI Brockdman883,


          You can definitely filter your searches on the home page.

          Please refer the screen shot below:Filter.PNG



          Hope this helps !

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            brockdman883 Level 1

            I'm using this but the filter is extremely limited. I did does not let me filter out clip art and other low quality art so I can focus my efforts on images that suit my needs. I am trying to find around 300+ images (to get the most from my subscription). With the current filter options, that means I'll have to look through 30,000 pictures or more, half of which are completely unrelated to my purpose. I was hoping I was missing some filter options somewhere. I guess not. It will take me several hours a day for the next few weeks to find enough images to fill my subscription.

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              brockdman883 Level 1

              I figured it out. You can further refine your searches by using the keyword filter with a negative modifier. Ex: -comic -cartoon -vector This will remove images that use those key words. It helps.

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