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    Timewarp And Twixtor Warping Footage


      I've been trying to use some footage in After Effects with the Timewarp effect and with the Twixtor plugin. When I try to lower the speed to 5 my footage becomes all "warpy" and doesn't just slow down, it ruins the footage. This may be because my footage is 30FPS, but I can't find an online video downloader or a video converter that can turn a 30 FPS video into a 60FPS video. Handbrake and some other programs said they can convert to a 60 but it doesn't frameblend. It just changes the properties of the video to 60FPS. If anyone knows how to fix this issue and tells me it will be greatly appreciated.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sorry, but this will never work. Slowing down footage to 5% of its original speed will require any plug-in to synthesize 20 frames for every original source frame and at the same time doubling the framerate will also double that number. That is simply insane and inevitably since there is not enough information, any interpolation will have nothing to work with. this has nothing to do with what tools you use, it's a simple mathematical certainty. You are expecting too much and have a wrong understanding of the underlying principles. As a rule of thumb you can slow down footage to 30 or 25 percent of its original speed without too many artifacts, but anything beyond that is more or less nonsense.



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            chrisw44157881 Level 4

            you could try doing two smaller changes one after the other after a render. 30 to 45 then import 45 back in and render to 60fps.

            twixtor pro has mattes you can isolate forground and background similar to roto. if that fails, i'd start looking to rent a terenax or alchemist OD if you want decent quality. they measure the final result to remove errors.

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi defencepenguin,

              What did you do to solve this issue? Did any of the responses help you? Please let us know.