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    Download Lightroom 6.4  replacement installer for PC (Windows 10)


      I have Lightroom 6.4 on my pc (Windows 10) - works great but PC is over 3 years old and slowing down


      Purchased a new laptop and I am looking for how to reinstall my Lightroom 6.4 on the new PC.  


      In the past I clicked on a link, plugged in my product code and was good to go.


      I can not find the link to download the Lightroom 6.4 software.  (download replacement installer for LR 6.4)


      Did a search on this forum but came up blank.  One post looked promising but was missing the Lightroom download link. Install Photoshop Lightroom


      Note: this is not the CC LR App with the monthly fee, this is the PC version installed on the hard drive.


      Need help!