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    license question for vector on Cycling Jersey?


      Hi, I want to buy a single vector image files to use on a cycling jersey design. We are gonna produce the jersey less than 500.000 copies, but the jerseys will be resell to multiple retailers store, therefore I need an extended license. The stores will then sells those cycling jerseys to customers.


      I have two questions:


      1- Does each stores also need to buy a extended license since they are re-selling the end products we are selling them?

      2- Do I have to buy a extended license for each potential 10 different stores that would resale the product? After reading the 3.6 rules I was unsure about this.


      3.6 Client Use. You may use the license granted in these Terms for the benefit of one of your clients, provided that you transfer your license to your client, and your client must comply with these Terms and restrictions. You are solely responsible and liable for use of the Work by your client. You must purchase additional licenses for the same Work if you intend to use the same Work for the benefit of other clients.