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    Conditional expresson

      I would appreciate some help writing a conditional statement so that a folder doesn't get compilied into the output. I know how to select each file and select the advance tab... but is there a way to write a statement in the SSL to exclude whole folders?

      Example: I have a "Junk" folder that I have created in the TOC and also as an IE type folder and I want everything in it not to be compiled in the output.

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          Select all topics in the Topics window.
          Right click and select Properties.
          In the Advanced tab, select a "Topic-level Tags" option (Click "New" and assign a name for your tag).

          If this will be a different layout (different from another output that includes that folder), right click the type of layout under Single Source Layouts in the Project tab and click New.
          In the first window of your Single Source Layout Properties wizard, click "Define" in the Conditional Build Expression panel.
          Select the build tag that will be excluded from your output.
          Finish selecting options and save the layout.

          Good luck,