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    Similar image rejection for series on healing scar

    Jo Ann Snover Level 1

      I'm new to AdobeStock but not to selling stock images, so I'm in the process of uploading my portfolio. I had a few images from a series rejected as they were too similar to ones already in the collection.


      I understand the general issue with similars, but these were images of scars from basal cell carcinoma surgery over time - day after, one week, two weeks, three weeks and so on. The poses and settings were deliberately very much the same but it was the healing scar that was the "story".


      Is there some way to appeal a rejection as I think the person reviewing didn't understand the essence of what was going on - this is especially difficult because Adobe takes only the title (not the description which has the how-long-since information).


      For clarifcation, here are two that were approved to show the intent of the series:


      One week post Mohs surgery - image | Adobe Stock


      Healing from skin cancer surgery - image | Adobe Stock


      I think I need to at a minimum edit the titles to include time interval info from the missing description field, but is there some way to appeal this sort of rejection?