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    Writing in Arabic

    vincentag Level 1


      When the "writing in arabic" feature will available in After Effects without the use of any plugins or scripts!!!!

      Please we need this guys! come on! It's really bad to use arabic script and each time we need to amend some text, we need to remove it and reinsert the text!!!!



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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          RTL language support is long overdue in Ae. other software (Photoshop, Illustrator) have implemented middle eastern features from as far as I can remember using it, Yet Ae, which is probably the most used Adobe's software out there (other than Ps and Ai) is still not there. please submit a feature request as I did - here: Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          in the meantime, what script are you using? I am writing hebrew and all you have to do to write properly and use preset is set the Horizontal scale to -100 and add a text animator for scale that does the same.

          you can choose both parameters and create a preset and do this even faster but I don't bother. this still does not solve some issues such as "convert to editable text" to a text layer made from photoshop which won't work properly.


          in the meantime, here's a Roger Waters "The Wall" concert I attended in 2013, where they have made a large projection over a video wall with "I am Spartacus" in different languages. I bet they have copy pasted the hebrew with google translate and the lack of RTL support got the best of them

          Displaying fix_it_please.jpg

          well what do you know, the arabic is in reverse too


          let us all raise a prayer for peace in the middle east and RTL language support for Ae, whichever comes first.