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    Odd numbered left page & even numbered right page as a master page?




      I am creating a document with opening pages before the various chapters. Text is only appearing on the right page of the spread for these opening pages and only the right pages are numbered. Another way to look this would be that there are 10 physical pages but only the 5 right pages contain text and page numbers, and only these 5 right pages will appear in the table of contents.


      My normal document works well for pages 1, 3 and 5.


      In order to ensure the content of pages 2 and 4 appeared on the right and had the correct number, I created another document with an odd numbered left page and an even numbered right page.


      This arrangement works very well as long as the relevant content fits on one page as I can edit the page numbers and section so that I have the correct sequence. For example page 1 is a the title, page 2 is a declaration, page 3 is a dedication, page 4 is acknowledgement and page 5 is the abstract.


      This arrangement does not work when content flows onto a second page. For example, the Table of Content is three pages in length, which I want numbered as 6, 7 and 8. This means that 6 and 7 need to use the even numbered right page format, whilst page 7 works with the normal odd numbered right page format. However, I cannot apply two different documents to the one set of content, in this case the 3 page Table of Contents.


      Is it possible to set this up as two master pages in one document, one to apply to the normal odd numbered right page content and one to apply to the even numbered right page content?


      I don't seem to be able to edit master pages to this level of detail. I set up a Master B in my original document, selected this Master and then edited the document set up info so that the page numbering started at 2 (as per these instructions - https://carijansen.com/indesign-left-pages-spread-odd-numbers/  )  but this also changed the Master A.


      Does anyone have any tips?


      Any help would be much appreciated!