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    frusturations with adobe's pdf reader for android


      Hi,I am a product manager and i would like, to share some of my frusturations with adobe pdf reader,

      1) When I try to make a selection to either copy or highlight the text,usually it shows these 3 options as drop down menu=Note, text, Freehand, and it's so frustrating, why can't I simply select the text and then decide what to do ?,that would make the workflow so much simpler wouldnt it ?

      2) make the "text selection process" for highlighting text much more simpler,right now its a miss and hit case,its not at all accurate,can you kindly check out wps office pdf, the way you could select text for highlighting in there app is so damn simple and accurate, amazing user experience, can you kindly do the same for Adobe ?,

      kindly take my suggestion into consideration, thank you