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    InDesign 2017.0 Release PDF rendering issue

    _m8 Level 1



      I'm running Sierra.


      Since updating to the 2017 CC release of Indesign I am having issues creating a PDF's that output with the correct black colour.


      I have created many versions of the exact same PDF which has a black background in all previous versions of InDesign and have had no problems with colour. The moment I updated and created the same PDF in the 2017 edition I am now getting a very light grey/brown not a true black. Photoshopped images that have black content remain black, this is just boxes that have been produced such as backgrounds in black. I have tried various output settings within Indesign including alternate colour spaces for PDF's to no avail. The same issue is seen when the PDF is opened in Acrobat or in Apple's Preview app.


      PDF Example 2017 Right Side is suppose to be bla — Postimage.org


      PDF Example 2016 RIght Side is black — Postimage.org 


      Is this a bug or has something changed that I have yet to find in settings?


      Please help Adobe.


      Many thanks,