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    Objects in a placed indesign file extremely pixelated when exporting to interactive PDF




      I am new to the world forums so bare with me if I am missing information. I have been looking online to find an answer but no one seems to be having the exact problem I am and all my troubleshooting so far as got me nowhere. My issue is when I am exporting an interactive PDF from indesign the images that I have embedded in an illustrator file that I have then placed in Indesign are coming out pixelated and unreadable, way beyond the point of the original. One of my clients said she couldn't even see anything in the effected area. It is as if Indesign is losing that information upon export of the interactive, works fine when exporting to print.


      I have tried updating both illustrator and indesign and I have reset the preferences in Indeisgn. I have even tried saving my illustrator as a PDF and placing that in Indesign and it still keeps happening.


      Any information, advice or any troubleshooting methods would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.


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