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    Too many unsolved problems with Muse

    brushwipe Level 1

      The present site at http://www.dokmali-swinton.com is professionally a total mess.  I have been obliged to bit the bullet and accept that I am unable to proceed any further with Muse.  My client visited today and we looked at her site on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  Of the three Safari was the worst.  I built the site using Muse via Chrome using a machine running Windows 8.1. My client has both iPad and iPhone.


      It is agreed to run with the present site until a different version using a different platform could be developed.  My initial plan is to stick with Muse but try using a template from Muse Themes. Regrettably, I did not feel morally justified in charging my client for either my time or expenses.


      I have been a graphic designer for many years and I have built other fixed width sites using Muse prior to the release of the 2017 edition. Muse Responsive is a step too far for me.  I admit that I never learned to code as the internet didn't exist when I was putting mail order catalogs together using Quark Express, Scitex etc. (Names that will be unknown to many but they were essentially drag and drop systems).


      The major problems with this version of Muse were involved with text input. Characters were missing from Muse pages after uploading to FTP; tIn many cases text was changing position within a paragraph with no logical explanation, and most unfortunately of all, the poor support received on this project from Adobe.

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe is stuffing about with its data servers today and has taken all of their tutorials off line so we need to look at youtube.


          yes the site is a mess with two many breakpoints and the wrong text but imo thats not too hard to fix... just use the one font for now until you sort your design points out



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            Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

            I think you have created too many breakpoints. Muse 2017 certainly has a lot of bugs, but not in your case. The biggest "blame" of Muse is that it made graphic designers to think that they can be Web developers Good practice to compose the entire website in the four breakpoints. And then you will need not only the skill of graphic design, but also engineering thinking, knowledge of the popular screen resolutions and compromise between these things.

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              brushwipe Level 1

              Thanks for your welcome comment. Your guidance is much appreciated.

              I have reduced the number of breakpoints to four, transferred all the navigation to the Master pages and reworked the footer in the breakpoints.  Already the site is behaving better.  I have tried to eliminate any fonts other than Ariel, Georgia and Yesteryear imported from Typekit.  I have relaid the Home pages to fit their different break points: 350, 768, 960 & 1200.


              I have used Font awesome social media icons and I don't think Muse is comfortable with them but what alternatives exist?

              I can foresee the chili problems remaining unsolved for the time being.


              But thank you and others for your kind assistance.


              When I have applied the new designs to the remaining pages I will publish the modified files and post notification.