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    Image size for framing


      Hello! I currently have an image size of 16.043 wide and 6.543 high and resolution is at 400 ppi. I want to print this for framing without cropping or adding a border, unless I can print it then cut that border away and be left with the image in one of the following: I have three frame size options - 8.5 x 14 - 11 x 17 - 12 x 16 - so is there any way to alter my image size to make it fit in one of these without a border, cropping or distortion? Or do I just need to give up and print it with a border, then cut a mat to cover the border? If I need to add a border, the paper sizes would be either 16 x 20 or 13 x 19 if I print at home. I want the image to fill as much of the available frame space as possible. Thanks for any input!