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    Blacking out top of video


      Apologies for not RTFM and failing to find the answer up to now.


      I have shot a real estate video (4 hour round trip) but find that the framing on my device and the framing I wanted are different.


      This means I either have to go back and reshoot, with is time and weather dependant, neither of which are in my favour, or simply add a black stripe across the top of the video.


      Is there any way to do this?


      What I would ideally like is the ability to set the size and position (obviously) but also change either the size or opacity over time. The need for blotting out the top of the video arises halfway through the video, so if I could either get the size of the black bar across the top to grow (downwards) from one point to another, or if I could get the opacity to increase (from 0 to 100%), that would be great.


      So, in summary - the video needs to have a strip at the top of the movie made unseeable, halfway through the movie.


      Any (quick) help would be gratefully received.


      I have Elements 14