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    Program will not open


      Just installed Premiere and Photoshop Elements 15. Installation completed successfully, but when I try to open either program a window pops up saying "Premiere Elements 15 has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows is searching for a solution" . Then says "Windows has shut down the program."  My Operating System is Windows 10 Home. I also have Elements 14 installed on this computer and it works fine. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing -  same results

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          whsprague Level 4

          How much free space do you have on your HDD?

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            gloftis55 Level 1

            Plenty of space 1.63TB

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              whsprague Level 4

              Premier Elements installs without issue on a lot of machines, including mine.   Something is unique with yours.  


              You have the option of listing the full details on this user forum and some will do their best to help.  So far you've said you have Windows 10, lots of hard disk space and version 15.  That is not enough for any in the user category to begin guessing with solutions, let alone answering your particular issue.


              I suggest you contact Customer Support.  Google for "adobe customer service".  You should get a phone number and links.  I've never had to use them, but reports are that they can go so far as to remotely run your machine and find the problems.


              Good luck.  It is never fun when something that normally works for everyone else does not work for us!



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                gloftis55 Level 1

                After more research, I found the problem with the software not opening. Lavasoft Web Companion was the problem. I uninstalled it and both photoshop and premiere will open.