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    The signature of flashplyer is corrupt or invalid.


      I re-installed W7 Pro 32 bit on my HP6000 Pro Desktop using a Microsoft W7 Pro SP1 disc because the 2nd of 3 factory recovery discs got stuck at 7%. The install went fine and the product key was accepted. I've "recovered" countless computers including many this way.  I did all the Microsoft updates & drivers from the HP site then tried to install Adobe Reader & Flash player using both IE 11 and Firefox 50.1.0.


      I went to Adobe by typing the address. when I clicked the link at the bottom of the page to install Flash a security Alert popped up : "The identity of this website or the integrity of this connection cannot be verified"  A yellow triangle noted " The security Cert was issued by a company you have chosen not to trust"  View the cert to determine if you want to trust the certifying authority. I followed instructions to accept and or ignore the warning and by simply clicking proceed anyway. After de-clicking Google add ons then install now then run and later  "save and run" I'd get the same Windows message at the bottom of the browser.:


      "The signature of flashplayer24ax_ra_install.exe is corrupt or invalid. "  On that message I clicked "view downloads" then 'run anyway" to no avail. On that same message I clicked "learn more" and tried down loading the installer to my desktop then running it normally and by right clicking  then "run as admin and got the same message.   


      I've gone into "Internet Options" then Advanced tab then unchecked boxes for checking certs and signatures to no avail. I tried a tip to "Manage add-ons" in IE11 to give permissions to Adobe but it was not there to begin with. Non of the Firefox methods have worked either. The same problem came up when trying to install Adobe Reader. A MS forum noted a KB update that might need to be uninstalled but it was not on my computer.


      I wonder if this problem would have come up if the recovery discs that would have had an older version of Flash already on it could have been installed then updated. I've never had a problem installing Flash on a bare Microsoft OS before.


      Any tips? This computer is supposed to be used by an 8 year old niece for school purposes after the new year. Of all possible problems I can't believe it is an issue between the stalwarts Microsoft and Adobe.  Microsoft's final word was to check with Adobe!