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    Visual studio?

      Not that i dont like the flex ide, but i'd much rather use visual studio? has anyone found a plug in or tried to intergrade into vs.net yet?
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          ntsiii Level 3
          No, and I doubt that it ever will.

          Flexbuilder 1.5 was usable, and the integrated debugger was vital. True the editor was not as good as VS. I use dot.net for all my backend functionality.

          Have you looked at the Flex 2.0 ide yet? I have just started and it seems better the 1.5, though still not quite as slick as VS.

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            ntsiii Level 3
            I said, "I doubt that it ever will", but I am not really so sure of that after all.

            It is just that the Eclipse based ide is sufficiently advanced to take the pressure off implementing such an integration.

            Maybe you should give it a go!

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              molestheman Level 1
              I'm playing with flex 2 beta 3, and it’s very good.

              Maybe its just I’m so used to VS. Or most likely it’s because this is very different from c++

              Trying to get my head round the cairngorm frame work mostly, should do that before I moan about the ide ….

              Thanks for the help though :-p

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                GordonSmith Level 4
                I just want to add that Adobe has no current plans to make a Flex plugin for VS.NET.