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    distorted lines at bottom of frame after converting from .mov (AIC codec)


      Anybody know why I'm getting distorted lines at the very bottom of my video conversions?  I'm converting video files that were captured with iMovie as Quicktime .mov files from miniDV using the Apple Intermediate Codec.  I've tried three different converters (Handbrake, ACDSee, and Movavi) and have tried outputing to mp4, avi, and mov and played with pretty much every parameter possible on all of the converters.  The converted files all have the same distorted/blurry lines at the very bottom.  Not a huge deal but it's driving me CRAZY!  I should note that if I open the original files on my Mac, Quicktime converts them on opening from AIC to Pro Res 422.  The converted files have no distortion and if I convert those Pro Res files to mp4 or whatever, they come out nice and clean.  What gives?


      Here's a screen grab to show you what I'm talking about.

      distorted lines.jpg