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      Recommended settings for Panasonic SDR-40HP camcorder to download video. Have tried two settings with results producing wavy shaking picture.

      This is my first time of use and would love to have written instructions.  Also how do I delete the these bad videos.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This is a very old camcorder, and I can't find any helpful specs online.


          Is this a standard definition or high definition camcorder?


          Does it save to a flash memory card, hard drive or to tape?


          Also, which version of the program are you using on which operating system?

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Okay, I found some old specs online -- but this IS very old technology.


            It's a standard definition camcorder that records to a flash card.


            You don't say which version of Premiere Elements you have but, with version 15, you turn on the camcorder and set it to VTR mode and then you connect the camcorder to your computer via USB. Then go to Add Media and select From Camera and Device option.


            My free 8 part Basic Training tutorial series will guide you through the basics of the program. Part 2 shows you how to capture video from a flash drive camcorder.

            *** Basic Training for Premiere Elements ***

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              alany99513755 Level 1




              This camcorder does record on a flash card, but it has a hard drive which all the recordings are on.  The camera  is  standard definition and I have Elements Premiere 14.


              I purchased this software as both Panasonic and  Adobe said it would work with this camcorder.


              Thank you for your assistance, can you comment further.




              Alan Young

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                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Easiest way imo is to hook up the camera to the computer and copy all content to hdd.

                You can do this with Windows Explorer.

                In Elements to import the footage open Project Assets and double click in the empty space.

                A window till appeare, navigate to the footage and hit Open.

                Now drag one of the clips to the timeline.

                It will create a timeline that matches your footage.

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                  alany99513755 Level 1

                  Thank you for your support. but it does  not seem to answer  the question.  The film is recorded on a hard disc in the camera.

                  When trying to down load to Elements 14  the image is wavy and fuzzy.  I can change the settings which I done twice with no change.

                  I am therefore trying ascertain the setting for my old camera.  Any suggestions please.


                  Thank you for your help.


                  Alan Young

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Have you followed the instructions in the the Part 2 video I linked you to above?


                    It shows you step by step how to get video off a camcorder that records to a hard drive!


                    Also, when you add the first clip of video from this camcorder to your timeline, is there a yellow orange "render" line over this first clip before you add effects or transitions to it (as illustrated below)? This yellow-orange line indicates that you have not matched your project settings to your video, which would account for your reduced quality.


                    We can help you resolve this, but we will need you to follow our instructions and provide the details we ask for.



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                      alany99513755 Level 1

                      Thanks Steve will get back to you later.