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    photos gone missing in a collection

    gerarde86625141 Level 1

      Working in Lightroom cc 2015

      Please help, I imported and edited a bunch of pics into a specific collection. A few days later I added more pics to the same collection. Somehow the original pics have disappeared and are no longer visible...how do I retrieve them? I work in Windows on a PC not Mac

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          dj_paige Level 10

          I can think of a couple of possibilities:

          1. You have turned on a filter (to turn it off press Ctrl-L once or twice)
          2. You have opened (accidentally) the wrong catalog file. Try using the menu command File->Open Recent and see if one of those has the proper photos in that collection
          3. You have accidentally removed the photos from that collection, in which case you have to find the photos in the Lightroom grid and assign them again to the collection.
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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            In the Library module on the left hand side is a section called Catalog. In that Catalog section click on the entry that says All Photographs. turn on the Grid view from either the Tool Bar near the bottom of the screen or from the menu "View > Grid" or hit the g key. Set the Sort: to Capture Time in that same Tool Bar or from the menu "View > Sort > Capture Time".


            Then scroll down in the grid area until you find the images.


            If you don't find those images then post a screen shot of the complete LR Library window.

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