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    cfqueryparam and trim causing ' to double to ''

      Has any one else seen this problem with CFMX (6,1,0,63958).

      I have some queries running on a site with the version of CF listed above where we had trim() statements around a form field which was then used as a value for a cfqueryparam tag in an update query, and the ' were escaped to ''. There were even some cases of " going to \" and i think a few ' going to \'.

      We developed this on a CFMX box (6,1,0,83762) where this didn't happen at all.

      I even output the variable before and after the update, and the value had the orginal number of quotes, but the param value from the query always had it doubled.

      This is the section of code i'm talking about.

      communityShortDesc = <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_longvarchar" value="#trim(attributes.communityShortDesc)#">,

      That above statement would cause the ' to double, but just by taking out the trim like below, the ' wouldn't double.

      communityShortDesc = <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_longvarchar" value="#attributes.communityShortDesc#">,

      I think the only option I have is to go through and find all the trims in the insert/update statements and remove then. I'm just curious if anyone has any other ideas for this.