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    Strange issue with Lightroom on a Mac


      This problem just cropped up.  I have 25,000+ photos in a single LR catalog, running on a Mac.  I have recently upgraded both the operating system and LR (to 6.8).


      I just noticed that Lightroom is making changes to photos that I haven't edited for a long time.  When I go into a folder with photos from, say, 2013, Lightroom changes all photos to a 4X3 crop and makes changes to the exposure settings as well.


      If I go to my backed up catalogs, it appears I have to go back at least six weeks (which was prior to both upgrades) so that this doesn't happen.  Of course I can use a backed up catalog and transfer my recent photos from my current catalog to the backed up catalog, then switch over to it, so that I don't have to manually edit the photos that LR has altered.  But there is no guarantee this won't be repeated when I save the new catalog.


      I haven't gotten very far into investigating this yet, but I thought I would post this to see if any other LR/Mac users have run into the same problem?