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    Lost all page content on new Muse website

    bobh45774868 Level 1

      I was building a new website using Muse version CC2017.0. I had all of my pages named and page properties set and a master page applied which included a third party hamburger widget. I had 5 of the 15 pages completed except for setting the responsive  breakpoints. When I opened the website file, all of the page content was completely gone. All of the pages were still set with the page properties that I initially set and my paragraph and graphic styles in the menu were still there. Unfortunately, I did not save copies of the site as I was building it. The last actions I performed and saved were to copy and paste some rectangular boxes with embedded text boxes that included formatted text that I would then edit. I will be rebuilding the website and saving multiple copies but I would like to know what corrupted the file. Thanks for any input you can offer.