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    Muse won't publish to my server


      I'm trying to post updates to my Muse Web site using Muse CC 2017 v2017.0.1.11 via Publish/FTP Host and am getting an "Error uploading to FTP Host [Failed FTP upload:552].


      To attempt to fix the problem I did the following:

      • I did a google search and it looks like this error message (552) is coming from the server, due to a lack of space.
      • I deleted all the files from the server, and then tried again, still got the message. I exported the files via publish/export to HTML to a folder on my desktop, and dragged the files to my server and all uploaded OK, so I'm doubting the problem is storage space.


      What should I do to resolve this issue? The issue is new as of this week.





      Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 2.09.33 PM.png