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    Possibility to buy Adobe Products without a monthtly payment

    Daan Jansen

      Good evening,

      I have a question. I am part of a lovely small school magazine with the name "Wazup". We are releasing one edition every 6 months. For designing the articles we use Adobe Indesign CS 2, which we bought quite some time ago. This product is, of course, no longer updated, so we try to update to a newer version. That is why I am asking if there is still a possibility to buy Indesign (and Photoshop) in a non-monthly payment way, because our school will spare some money to improve our magazine, but is not willing to give it for a monthly payment service.  As a non-profit school magazine, we also have not a lot of money, so again, Is there a cheap way to buy Indesign in a newer version, which isn't based on that new Creative Cloud Monthly System, like the old versions?


      Thank you,
      The Layoutteam from "Wazup"