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    Sheepsound error bleep


      So. I am extremely pressed for time, stressed out of my mind and forced to spend the night in AE to meet a deadline Monday morning. I've just finished up a particularly complicated composition, but as I try to render it out nothing happens. The program won't give me any prompts or info, all I get is a taunting (super loud, I might add) sheep sound and I'm about to smash my MacBook to pieces.


      Whoever thought adding this sound effect has clearly gotten the wrong idea about consumers want to hear when their software doesn't work.


      Please remove it. I'm so angry of I'm about to completely lose it.


      (This is a forum staffed mainly by users like yourself that would very much like to help you. Adobe staff does not come by here except on their own time. Frustration under a deadline is understandable, but you are venting at those who can help. Choice words redacted so you can get the assistance you need. -- Moderator.)