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    Deactivation on broken computer.


      I have Lightroom installed on 2 laptops at home, unfortunately, one laptop took a turn for the worse so as a backup, I installed it onto my work computer as well since I do a lot of editing for work as well. With the 1 bad laptop out of commission (freezes as soon as its turned on) I am not able to use it anymore. I cannot get it to function enough to uninstall, or go through the deactivation process on that actual computer. And all of the troubleshooting answers I seem to find take me in a circle or give me instructions to do things on the bad laptop which I cant use. It actually was running on my work computer until recently and just gives me the exceeds activation available error now every time I try to open it.


      I just want to deactivate the copy on the broken laptop so I can use my good laptop and my work computer instead. And be able to deactivate it WITHOUT doing so from said bad laptop.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If it's LR CC you just install and activate on a third computer and you'll be able to deactivate from the other two computer, including the one that doesn't work.  You will just need to reactivate the other older one when you use it, first, there.


          If it's a previous version of LR, then you'll need to contact Support.  Here is the link I get after answering questions about LR, Setup, Activation, then clicking Still Need Help:  Contact Customer Care


          Starting a Chat is probably the best avenue.