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    Muse horizontal menu


      I'm trying to use a horizontal menu widget in Muse. I'm able to put in all the proper info that i want and place it correctly, but when i change to responsive and test site in browser, the font gets really big and goes off the screen. It is still responsive in a way just not staying on the screen like it's supposed to. If I take the responsive away and just leave it as none, everything works great except the fact that it isn't responsive! I hope that this isn't too confusing to understand, but I would appreciate some feedback if possible. Hopefully I'm not the only one having this problem.

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          If I understand correctly, you want font sizes react responsively. If you downsize the browser window, the menu should downsize (which s possible) and the font size as well – which is not possible for now. For my part, I don't think, responsive font sizes are making sense from a usability/readability point of view (remember the "old times": Print media don't have smaller typo, when its sizes are smaller. And the typo of the "New York Times" is not bigger than the typo of "Times Magazin").

          If you think, you need smaller font sizes in smaller menus, you can manage it this by using breakpoints:

          In smaller breakpoints, right click onto the menu and choose "Hide in Breakpoint". Now place a new menu with the attributes you want (smaller font size), right click onto it and choose "Hide in other Breakpoints".

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            joshs51305060 Level 1

            Sorry for the confusion. I don't want the text to be responsive just the menu.  when i setup the menu to be responsive and view in browser, the actual menu gets all distorted and the font isn't aligned properly and the font also isn't the size i wanted it to be.  but if i change the menu to non responsive, everything is aligned correctly and the font is the size i wanted, but the menu isn't responsive.  i just had this working the other day and then Muse had an update and now it doesn't work.  thanks for your response but hopefully now i made it easier to understand.

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              Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

              Could it be, that you use a system font instead of a standard font or a web font for yor menu?

              Since nobody can guarantee, that these fonts are installed of every visitor's machine, they have to be converted to images during output, what may cause effects like the ones, you are experiencing.

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