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    hardware: upgrading desktop, 4 to 6 cores worth it?

    vonBobo Level 1

      Hi all!

      Currently I have my OS, programs, and pictures on a single HDD. Over winter break I will be buying my first SSD, moving my OS and software to the SSD and moving the pictures to raid drives. While I'm undertaking this adventure, I'm wondering if I should go ahead and also do the MB, Processor, and RAM while I have the money right now to do so.


      I currently have an AMD 3.4 x4 core with 8 gigs of RAM. The USB 3.0 on my MB was fairly new at the time, and I was never able to get it to work right.


      I am a budget shopper, looking to spend around $250 US for both the processor and MB. With that in mind, would I be gaining much going from my current 4 to a new 6 cores? Or perhaps I should throw another 8gigs of RAM into may aging system? Or maybe I should just be happy with the SSD update for now, and pocket the remainder? My biggest lags right now are healing and cloning in LR, healing and cloning in PS, and file management in PS (opening, saving, swapping, etc).


      I'm a part time photographer, I edit about 500-1k photos a week, Hoping to be full time in 2018.


      Thanks for any of your thoughts!