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    why do i use this?

    gordon17760 Level 1

      Adobe Stock is the bottom of the barrel as far as stock image resources go. from the less-than-intuitive interface to consistent interruptions to cross-promote other unnecessary products, for a sure-fire stop-down to the creative process, Adobe Stock is the answer.


      it seems like it would be simple to look at a few of the best stock options out there and pull from their best attributes, but in this case the opposite was achieved.


      still have a boatload of credits, but am glad to flush 'em to avoid this black hole.

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What cross platform interruptions? Been a Stock user since day one and have never seen one in Stock? The tie-in with Adobe CC Libraries is great and saves a ton of time while working in other applications.


          I will agree on the very poor user interface. The user interface is very bad. But the product/service itself is fantastic.