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    Dec 15 2016 update Lightroom CC 2015.8


      I did the update of Lightroom Dec 15th. Since then if I click on any photo, everything else goes black within the lightroom module. The menu bars, the Navigator panels, the stip along the bottom, I mean everything. If I minimize Lightroom, the bring it back to normal size on my 27" iMac(fall 2013 edition), then everything looks normal again. But click any photo and everything around the photos goes black again. The photo library doesn't disappear, I can always see the photos, but everything else goes black. I'm just trying at this minute to click a photo to drag to another album, when I click the photo, everything goes black and I can't see any albums. Should I uninstall, I've never seen anything like this. I'd screen capture and show you if i could post photos of it. It doesn't matter what module that I'm in. Click the photo and everything around the photos in the lightroom module goes black.