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    Import problems into lightroom


      Hello, I am having some problems with importing my photos into lightroom. I do as i always do, take photos with my camera, and plug my camera into my PC (not mac) to import them, I have a different SD card now so i kinda figured that is the problem but i don't really know how to solve this problem. when i try to import the images i do not get a preview of the images, it just shows image preview not available, and when i import them it says lightroom cannot open/show this image file.
      One of the image file names reads: SZ6A0007.CR2  I don't have alot experience with file names but it reads different than all my other raw/CR2 files
      I can't really see the problem here as i do as i have always done with other SD cards.


      The camera i use is a 5D mark 4, (first time using this so could be this for all i know)

      The SD card is a Sandisk Pixtor SD xs . it was something i had lying around that i decides to use since my usual card decided not to work anymore. I did format the card before i started using it.


      Have anyone else been trough any of this before?