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    QuickTime Rotation

      Many (many, many) years ago Director supported QT asset rotation but only from Lingo. If memory serves this was around 1999, with Director 7. The company I work for recently bought Director 11 licenses and one of the first things I looked at was whether QT rotation could be done from the score... and the answer is still no. Is this really still the case? Can I make a feature request for this anywhere?
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          Here's a workaround.

          When you set the .rotation property in the Property Inspector, a QuickTime sprite will ignore it, and will continue to consider that its .rotation = 0.0000. The .skew property, although its value is ignored, is not reset to 0. You can exploit this by adding the following behavior to your QuickTime sprites, and then setting the .skew property in the Property Inspector:

          on beginSprite(me)
          vSprite = sprite(me.spriteNum)
          vRotation = vSprite.skew
          vSprite.skew = 0
          vSprite.rotation = vRotation
          end beginSprite
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            CW_(PV) Level 1
            Thank you! I can't see the desired result until playback but it works a treat.