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    Text in SVG file - Clipping

    489175 Level 1

      I'm using flash to create an interactive map and exporting it as a SVG file.


      I'm having a problem with the TEXT - when the browser is scaled down like to the size for a phone some of the text is "clipped" off at the end




      Text  = Academic Building Level 01 (ok on desktop size)

      (in the phone browser size)Text = Academic Building Level 0


      <text clip-path="url(#Mask_Mask_36)" writing-mode="lr"><tspan x="0" y="16.3" baseline-shift="0%" kerning="auto" font-family="Arial_Bold" font-weight="bold" font-size="18" fill="#000000" xml:space="preserve">Academic Building Level 01</tspan></text>



      Notice the clipping at end of text



      Any suggestions on how to stop the clipping?


      Thanks Wayne