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    Embedding Fonts breaks text display

    Rothrock Level 5
      I'm on Mac OS 10.5.6 (but saw this with earlier versions too) using CS3 and/or CS4.

      For work we publish back to Flash 5 player (don't ask) and that is where I'm having the problem. If I put a dynamic text box on the stage. Add some text. Embed the font. Change the publish setting to 5. Publish I don't see the text. If the box is selectable the player does show the I beam when I move over where it should be, so it does know the text box is there.

      I sent the same file to one of my coworkers and he can publish it just fine.

      We tried replacing the fonts on my machine with those from his and that didn't solve the problem.
      I've tried using both CS3 and CS4 and get the same results.
      If I change the publish settings to Flash 6 everything works like it should.

      Any ideas?