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    HELP! How to resolve Access Required!

    B2E303 Level 1

           Hi guys! I am an Ink and Slide user from mainland China.

           Downloaded Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Illustrator Draw.

           Every time I entered my ID and password on the page and clicked the button to continue, there will be a note like this:


           Now I am really in desperate! Simply couldn't get started with my Ink and Slide...

           Wondering if there is anyone who may come to my rescue?

           Please, any kind of help would be appreciated!

           Thanks for your reading!

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          kirker Level 4

          Hi there!

          It looks like this is an app issue or connectivity issue, not an Ink and Slide issue. Which app is this screenshot from?



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            B2E303 Level 1

                 Hello, Kathleen!

                 First I would like to thank you for your kindly replying!

                 Honestly, it's a common issue appeared both in Adobe Illustrator Draw AND Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

                 This screenshot I believe comes from Draw.

                 By the way, do you recommend me to ask about the issue somewhere else like Adobe Illustrator Draw Forum or Adobe Photoshop Sketch Forum?

                 Sincerely appreciate your reply, again!


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              kirker Level 4

              Hey Lancing!

              I'm happy to help. Yep, I think the best course of action would be to post this issue in the Illustrator Draw forum since it is not really an Ink and Slide issue. Would you mind re-posting this issue in Adobe Illustrator Draw (mobile app) ? Please include the screenshot as it will help diagnose the issue . While we wait for a response in that forum, would you mind deleting the app and re-installing? A good ole' restart of your iPad might not hurt, too.






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                B2E303 Level 1

                Hi Kathleen!

                I've posted the same question in the Adobe Illustrator Draw forum already as you recommend me to do, of course, screenshot included.

                And I am planning also to post it in Adobe Photoshop Sketch forum tomorrow, well, due to it's late night here.

                I just feel so glad that there could be a person who really came to concern my issue while we are not even sharing the same language!

                Don't know the exact word to describe how excited and grateful I am now!

                Really appreciate your patience and warm heart, now let's wait for the feedback and possible solutions!


                Good night and thank you!


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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                  I think this issue has something to do with updates made to the system: Creative Cloud mobile apps and online services, and related features in the CC desktop apps are not included in Creative Cloud offerings in the People’s Republic of China.


                  I'm sorry that I don't know much about it. The only further information I have about it is a link to a FAQ 常见问题(FAQ).


                  I wish I could be of more help. (I'll also respond with this to your post in the Draw forum.)