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    CC17 DNxHD Codec issue



      since the update to CC17 the Codec Settings changed. The Thing is, we work with Avid in 1080i Files, they give me the stuff to edit in 1080i too. Now when my editing is done, i render it in "DNxHD 1080 HQ 8-bit" and the reimport it into Avid. My rendered files dont work, its totaly jerking around, something is wrong with the fields. i tried now over a dozen different render settings but none of them worked till now.
      The only thing that works is to save the Project for older CC-versions and open it in CC14. Then i use the exact same render settings and there is no problem when i reimport it. Thats no good solution its more a compromise solution.


      Maybe someone can help to solve it, or tell me how i can get the old DNxHD render thingy back, or i dont know what.


      cheers alex


      Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-19 um 13.03.28.png