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    Trying to update LR version: 5.7.1 to LR 6 Standalone without success!


      Hi, i am trying to update my current standalone version of LR 5.7.1 to LR 6 (standalone as well).

      I downloaded the update but whenever i try to run the installer, it quits when i click "sign in" i also downloaded the patch

      Lightroom 6.0.1/2015.0.1 and when i try to run it, a message pops up telling me that the update is note "update could not be applied and that is is not applicable for me"

      I have both of my versions as standalone and don't know what do do here. I tried to contact adobe but the helpCenter won't even load...


      i am thankful for any help and sorry if that issue has been discussed before. Just trying to get it to work


      thank you in advance