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    Lightroom eats up all memory

    jeanw70745150 Level 1

      I have a 27 5k iMac with 32gb RAM. LR 2015.8 (CC license). Yosemite.

      My LR catalog is around 2.5gb. The files are stored on an external thunderbolt bay with few terabytes of available space.

      When I start Lightroom, it starts eating up memory up to the moment that it brings the computer to its knees.

      Please note this is happening without me doing anything, I just start Lightroom, without any module switch or action, it will just eat up all the memory, this takes few minutes to eat up the 32gb.


      I have purged the caches, optimised the catalog, no difference.

      I have reinstalled LR, no difference.


      Any idea? This started to happen all of a sudden. I am totally blocked and cannot work anymore...