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    Wish List

      Kudos Adobe!
      Kuler is cool but if everyone would toss their ideas into the pool it could be even Kuler..

      Let's start a wish list..

      Here's my wish list:

      an eye dropper tool (for color sampling)
      text samples that could be overlayed on any of the 'big swatches' using any other swatch color..
      (is that confusing enough?)
      possible css import/export (generate me a simple css starter sheet from my color selections)
      maybe a categorization scheme (even if we could filter results by base color) - this db is going to grow really huge and sooner or later I'm gonna see 1,000+ results on my searches - by then this tool has already negated any usefullness it had for me.
      Maybe include some color libraries? (Pantone, TruMatch, Focoltone)