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    tethering directly from my D810 to my iPad

    spyderABC Level 1

      Hi I'm from Belgium but I'll put this in English so maybe I'll get an answer before to-morrow evening as I want to use this on a shoot.

      I never used tethering before but now I do have a new iPad and I want to do a tethering on a shoot with my Nikon D810 and my iPad.

      So as the 810 doesn't have WIFI I've bought a cable but now I don't know how I can get my shots into Lightroom mobile.

      I've looked on the internet and find this : How to Shoot Tethered to an iPad via Lightroom Mobile - YouTube

      from Terry White but he explains from Lightroom on a Mac and then send to any mobile but I don't have my Mac with me on location - therefore I do have my iPad.

      So is there a way to go directly from my camera to my iPad to show the shot directly on my iPad after every shot?

      I suppose this must be possible.

      I'm a cloud user as well.

      If you're speaking Dutch do it in Dutch then :-)