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    Drop down menus malfunction

    nyds0806 Level 1

      My site had been working fine. But today it started malfunctioning.

      See www.nydesign.com on a  smart phone. Tap the hamburger ...it opens but then rapidly closes. It should remain open!

      The native muse file is here: www.nydesign.com/muse.zip


      How do I fix this? 


      Thanks in advance

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          goldboyvi Level 1

          Hello.sory for my english . I would like to help you.  Wayting for any news you can use this mulib for the moment.

          heav a lok to this semple menu. and you can costumize it how you wish.

          the download will stay in online for 24 houers.


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            Preran Adobe Employee

            We have logged a bug for this issue, and it is under investigation.


            If this is a deal breaker, use a version of Muse that previously worked for you. How to Find and Install Previous Version of Adobe Apps in CC 2015 | Adobe Customer Care Team




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              nyds0806 Level 1

              Preran, The 2015 version wont open my file saved as Muse 2017!

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                Preran Adobe Employee

                Hi Marshall,


                Like I replied in my previous message, if you do not have a backup of your file, there isn't much you can do.


                The team is investigating this issue, and I have shared your feedback with them. Responses may be delayed because of the holiday season. Request your patience until we get this sorted.




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                  nyds0806 Level 1

                  Do we have a solution yet?

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                    Level 1

                    Nope, this has been a a problem for over 15+ days now, has something to do with how a few of the browsers (chrome and edge) interpret the Muse code after the browser companies did a recent update.


                    I have seen Preran's same response on many other threads with same exact solution so I'm thinking it's a auto response to unanswered posts because there is no way he would still be offering up the same none working solution to everyone knowing it doesn't work, That would just be mean. Sounds like the real "muse" engineers went on holiday on a remote island with no cell or internet service.....Or this problem is so big it is taking a fleet of muse code engineers weeks to come up with a bug fix.


                    My biggest fear is however that Adobe is limiting resources to the muse division.  I have just been noticing how it seems like muse has been pushing a great deal of problem solving over to thrid party wiget companys and not including new similar features in the core software.  As somewhat evidenced by the wiget companys commenting on a few of these posts willing and able to help (or drum up new business.) They killed edge animate hopefully "muse" isn't next. This would explain Adobe's slow and diplomatic responses.


                    I love the power of the muse software to build and launch websites without knowing any code but, it means that when stuff like this menu problem comes up we are at the mercy of the "muse" team to expertly and quickly reasovle them.  I feel really bad for the guy with 80+ website clients demanding a fix and the online companies that lost holiday revenue when their website's navigation stopped working.


                    Hopefully now with the holidays over we can get a bug fix soon so we can keep the customers.  (well the ones we still have left anyways.)

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                      nyds0806 Level 1



                      I’m not sure Adobe understands....many website are not navigatable now, meaning designers’ clients’ sales are lost, and designers are losing face for failing those clients.