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    Important Missing Functionality in latest version of Adobe Reader for Android.


      I am using a Kobo Arc book reader with Android 4.1.1


      When I began using Adobe Acrobat Reader today, I found that it had updated to a

      new version [16.3], in which a very important tool for my work is now totally missing.


      I am doing research in PDF books downloaded from Archive.org. In my workflow, I

      make the equivalent of brief marginal notes using the comment tool. These are

      for later lookup and reference in writing a new major document. They overlap the

      function of bookmarks, except the bookmark only takes me to a physical page, and

      I want to go to comments by topic. I am unable to affix any topic or reference

      to bookmarks.


      In the old version of Acrobat Reader, I was able to find a list of all my

      comments, and go only to the ones I needed for the next phase of my project.

      In the new version, I cannot find any place in Reader where the comments are

      listed, in spite of referencing the online Help function. The tools that online

      Help says should be there are simply not there. There is no icon on the bottom

      bar for a comments list, and there is no question mark icon anywhere that I can

      find. Nor is there any way for me to control these settings in the program.


      This means I have two options.


      The first is to manually page through a several hundred page book in search of

      my comments, and find them only in page order, not by topic.


      The second option is to manually bookmark every page on which I have placed a

      comment. This would at least get me more quickly to the pages with comments, but

      I would still not be able to reference them by topic. And if I should

      accidentally overlook bookmarking a comment, it would be unavailable using this



      This introduces major inefficiency and frustration to my workflow, especially

      since comment lists are now unavailable for all the books I have previously

      commented. This amounts to sabotage of my documents, and even if that sabotage

      is inadvertent,


      I hope this problem will be corrected in short order.


      In the meanwhile, I want to have my old version of Adobe Reader back so I can

      access my investment in my comments workflow.


      OR - Does some kind soul have a solution now?