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    Lightroom CC 2015.8 Importing duplicated images


      The forums have several postings about LR importing duplicate images from iPhones and cameras.

      I just got a Canon G7 mark 2 and have only shot about 50 images. My first import was of 10 images.

      On my second import from the G7, with the import panel "do not import suspected duplicates" checked I got all the camera images again. Not 40, but 50.

      I have had problems with my iPhone SE, but the duplicates are random images from among the several hundred on the phone.

      On the iPhone I just delete the problem files until another different batch crops up.

      There is something wrong in the software.

      If this persists with the Canon G7 it is going to be a royal pain they are really big files 20mg.


      Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions other that wiping the memory card after each import?