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    Why do the master page break points not match the top level pages?

    brushwipe Level 1

      Further developments on the Dok Mali Thai restaurant project.

      The client is not willing to accept the website due to the previously reported and unsolved misalignment of text. 

      I have lost any confidence in my ability to create a responsive site using Muse.

      Despite helpful assistance from adobe support experts accomplishing an effective site eludes me; after reducing my break points on the master page and those on the home page I find the problem of syncing the remaining four pages on the site quite frustrating.  Why is it not possible to create break points on the master page that will remain as the operative triggers on the top level pages.

      The final straw in my relationship with Muse was when my client refused to pay me for months of work on her behalf.

      In a consequent discussion, I have assured my client that she will have a website and I am therefore determined to develop the site on a WordPress template.

      See http://www.dokmali-swinton.com

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          The answer is very simple: Mater page breakpoint aren’t carried to layout pages automatically, because master page content in many cases will need different breaks as layout page content. You can carry mast page breakpoint over to layout pages by clicking the small triangles in the breakpoint bar representing the master page breakpoints.

          You easily find many explanations about this by entering "muse breakpoints master" into the search filed top right of this page.

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